Sensory Space

The Rochester Lilac Festival is proud to announce a new partnership with the local non-profit AutismUp. The two organizations have collaborated to create a new free experience for festival visitors this year – a large tent and outdoor area that will act as the Festival’s official Sensory Space. 

The Sensory Space will be located within park grounds near the Elmwood entrance point, away from the music and busy common areas. The tent space is being designed and outfitted by AutismUp as part of their Mobile Sensory Site program. The 200 sq. ft. tent space will include soft lighting and activities like coloring books, music, books, comfortable seating, weighted lap pads, Yogi balls, fidgets, noise canceling headphones, and other items that aid in regulation. AutismUp staff and volunteers will be on-hand during Festival hours to support visitors.

The Sensory Space at the Rochester Lilac Festival will also include a several thousand sq ft. outdoor area supported by Savers. Volunteers from Savers will decorate the space to create a relaxing environment with various seating options for visitors looking for a quiet rest spot to recharge. 

Visitors to The Sensory Space who require supervision must have a parent, guardian, or responsible adult with them at all times, AutismUp will not be responsible for those utilizing the space.

“At AutismUp our mission is to improve the quality of life for those impacted by autism and other disabilities,” said Kelly Conlon, Director of Support Services and Member Relations. “This opportunity will allow individuals and their families to experience the Rochester Lilac Festival and know there is a safe and judgment free area waiting for them if they need to take a break. We know many of our member families have not had the opportunity to enjoy this wonderful annual festival happening right down the street from our multi-sensory learning environment at the Golisano Autism Center, and we hope they will feel empowered to try this year. Whether they choose to begin their day in the sensory tent, take breaks at the tent, or end their visit in the tent we hope this space helps them have a positive experience at the Rochester Lilac Festival, and we hope more festivals work with us to provide this incredible opportunity. All families should be able to enjoy these wonderful events our community has to offer.”